I AM ME Youth Conference

I AM ME is an annual youth conference aimed at empowering youth in our communities through building their confidence and resilience to embrace who they are. We aim to achieve this through meaningful workshops and by connecting youth and their families with available community resources. In 2018, Guiding Light Mentoring noticed there weren’t many youth conferences in Cincinnati that occur on a consistent basis, so the I AM ME Youth Conference was created. Guiding Light Mentoring works with youth in our communities who are under-served, may have low self-esteem, and are seeking approval and acceptance from society. Guiding Light Mentoring supports annual area youth conferences such as, Young Not Silent, but we wholeheartedly believe if we are truly going to make an impact, being consistent with programs offered for our youth and families is an absolute necessity.

The 3rd Annual I AM ME Youth Conference will take place on February 8, 2020 at Xavier University. This year, Guiding Light Mentoring has partnered with the Cincinnati Recreation Commission. The Cincinnati Recreation Commission has noticed that youth who attend the Annual Mayor's Career Expo are not prepared to be interviewed by potential employers. Due to lack of preparedness, youth are not able to work.

At the I AM ME Youth Conference, Guiding Light Mentoring will equip youth with workforce development skills for in-demand careers. While at the conference, youth will learn skills of resume building, mock interviewing, ethical behaviors in the workplace, networking, cleaning up one's social media before seeking employment and how to keep a job.

Specific goals and objectives are to increase percentage of youth employed and increase retention rate of those youth employed.

More information to come soon on how to register

We invite you to make a difference by becoming a sponsor of the I AM ME Youth Conference. Please join the growing list of supporters and help us accomplish our mission to “Empower All Youth to Achieve Their Fullest Potential.”

For information on becoming a sponsor or partnering with us for the 3rd Annual I AM ME Youth Conference, please visit our contact page and send us a message!


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