Guiding Light Mentoring and K.N.E.W Youth are hosting an event, Hear My Voice, Not My Color, to address the longstanding crisis between the Black community and police.


Hear My Voice, Not My Color is a platform aimed at creating empowerment within the minority community. This platform specifically targets issues within identified communities while providing a safe space for both parties to challenge the status quo. We aim to achieve this by increasing knowledge around diversity and social justice issues in our society. Hear My Voice, Not My Color will host a series of events focused on human rights, conflict resolution, and strategic leadership summits.

The first of the series of events, a forum, held by Guiding Light Mentoring and K.N.E.W Youth will take place on Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 1920 Tennessee Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45237 from 5:30-7:30 pm. The objective of the forum is to establish a process that will 1) lead to improved community and police relationships; 2) promote education; and 3) develop tangible outcomes.

We are excited to have Courtis Fuller and Kyla Woods as Moderators for this event. Our guest panelists include David Mann, Chief Eliot Isaac, Chief Bill Kramer, Iris Roley, Audrey Dubose, Keizyala Fambro, and Aharon Brown.