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Give and share your lifetime of experience

Are you looking to give back to your community and have an impact on someone? Do you have a desire to help youth succeed? Well, look no further! Guiding Light is looking for volunteers to serve youth in the Greater Cincinnati area.

You are a:​

  • Positive role model

  • Friend

  • Coach

  • Advisor

  • Self-esteem builder

  • Career counselor

  • Advocate​ 

Mentor Expectations

Be Involved

Have a desire to be personally involved with others to help them achieve personal and career goals


Make a minimum one year commitment to developing and maintaining a relationship with the mentee(s)

Meet Often

Meet with your mentee at a minimum of one hour per week


Attend ongoing training and support sessions

Mentor Pledge

I am here because I know you are capable

of being whatever you choose to be  

I will remind you that you are worthy of success

And I am here to help you achieve  

I will give my all as your advocate and teacher Supporting and encouraging you responsibly  

I will help you show the world how great you are  

I will because I BELIEVE in who you WILL BE 

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