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Focused on increasing the number of under-served youth through community-based education

We create mentee-mentor relationships with a focus on employment readiness and improving family environments. Participants are assigned an advocate to support coaching and tutoring. In order to drive high success rates, we support youth in developing an individualized service plan as a blueprint to establish both short- and long-term goals. The advocate aids in creating an environment that enables critical thinking, information literacy, and communication skills. Our program ensures participants are equipped with the tools to establish a safe and challenging atmosphere.

Sarah has helped with teaching me life lessons while also taking me out to do fun activities. Some of
my favorites include candle-making, going to get breakfast, going to the trampoline park, swimming,
and painting pottery. I remember the time when I was supposed to spend a full weekend at respite. I
had just got done staying at a shelter and Sarah went with me and my grandmother to the respite
home and helped me get checked in. She helped me understand from my grandparent’s
perspective why they would take me there some weekends.

She helped me understand that sometimes when things are stressful, my grandparents need to take a
break and this gives them an opportunity to destress and gives me an opportunity to spend time
outside of the house. Sarah's support helped me think of this situation in a more positive light.


I appreciate the one on one time I get to spend with Sarah. My advice to a new mentor joining the
program would be to try to be a role model but also try to be a friend. Having a mentor is very
rewarding because you have someone you can count on that cares and can offer support when you
need it.

Lexie (Mentee)

Being a mentor through Guiding Light is a very rewarding experience. I love that I get to
work one on one with my mentee and foster a relationship that has a positive impact on
her life. Even when there are bumps in the road along the way, at the end of the day it is
so worth it to watch her progress. As a mentor, I get to be a role model and a friend to
somebody who truly needs it. I do my best to always have fun and find activities we can
both enjoy together. I get to look forward to the time I spend with her each week and I am
so proud of the growth she has shown in the time we have spent together.

Sarah (Mentor)

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