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Position Title: After School Site Coordinator


Status: Part-time (20-25 hour work week)


Job Summary: The Afterschool Site Coordinator demonstrates an ability to be both a savvy business partner with the community, as well as a thorough case manager working with youth. As the Site Coordinator, you will be responsible for the implementation and quality of services at your assigned program. The Site Coordinator is responsible for planning (includes rosters, activities, etc.), implementing and delivering the program.


Salary Range: $20-$30 per hour

Benefits: Flexible schedule and 5 paid holidays


· Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent.

· Must be at least 21 years of age.

· Must have two years of previous experience working with elementary school aged children.

· Possess basic knowledge and understanding of school aged children.

· Be a self starter and perform job with little supervision.

· Possess the ability to communicate verbally and in writing.

· Possess the ability to follow written and oral directions.

· Computer competence (i.e. Microsoft Office, Outlook, Google Docs, Database Management)

· Comfortable with and ability to connect with others via phone and email

· Ability to handle multiple tasks at once, while prioritizing deadlines

· must pass a comprehensive background screening and professional reference checks.

· Work a flexible schedule according to organization needs.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:


· Provide participants with the appropriate leadership during the program.

· Have the ability to work with groups of 10 or more students

· Develop, plan, and facilitate activities that incorporate program goals into the daily routine.

· Maintain open communication between with school personnel.

· Maintain a safe environment for participants.

· Maintain records of attendance sheets and turn them in to the Program Manager every week.

· Attend staff meetings.

· Report any problems which arise with participants, other employees, or the school to the
Recreation Supervisor.

· Responsible for all activity and room preparations for the program.

· Keep the room neat and orderly.

· Maintain accurate files and documentation on all community partners, volunteers, staff, and children/families.

· Secure surveys from students to gauge outcomes of participation.

· Assist with purchasing and obtaining program supplies.

· Connect families to other resources in the community as appropriate.

· Coordinate resources coming into program including but not limited to donations and grants.

· Act as point of contact for organization and establish a professional relationship with community partners for this program.

· Maintain and update agreements for all partners and program, including outcome measurements against shared goals as set forth and monitor effectiveness through outcome measurements.

· Participate in and lead partnership meetings.

· Monitor budget, grants, and other reporting requirements.

· Performs other duties as assigned.

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