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Dedicated to improving the health of youth with a priority on social, cultural, and emotional intelligence

Participants in the Youth Education Program are automatically enrolled in the Wellness Program. We believe that the mind-body connection is essential to the overall well-being of the child and we take pride in empowering our youth as they acquire personal development and leadership skills to create sustainable lives in their communities.

Our Youth Wellness Program is all about "Getting Up and Getting Out." Youth are exposed to a variety of activities and culture. This includes, but is not limited to, arts/crafts, group outings, dance and sports. Integrated into this program are elements of self-preservation and self-worth. "Getting Up and Getting Out" helps to improve the minds and bodies of our participants and volunteers.

For more information about joining our wellness program, contact one of our staff members at

(513) 541-9777.

I like that I can do anything I want; Go to movies. Ms. Tish always has fun activities (I Am Me Conference, fitness group, etc.).

Kaleb J. & Lexie (Mentees)

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