Mrs. Cho; Mentor

I have volunteered as a mentor at Guiding Light since June of 2016. I have personally seen the effectiveness of the organization through working with my assigned mentee. I believe that youth sincerely benefit from these relationships, and Guiding Light provides the necessary resources to help these relationships grow.
Latisha Owens (Founder of Guiding Light) has a heart and passion for helping youth. She values each child and maintains her involvement in each relationship. Furthermore, she works with each mentor to provide guidance, advice, and fun activity suggestions to maximize the experience for everyone. I am confident that Guiding Light is a valuable organization to partner with.

Mrs. Hines; Parent

I recommend Guiding Light Mentoring, to any child/teen that may need someone in their life to inspire, help, and support them in their goals in life. I believe my daughter's success is at least in part due to Guiding Light's sincere support and mentorship. Her mentor believes in her, and I thank Guiding Light for being in her life to show her a better experience and how to make better choices. My daughter's mentor has inspired her to pursue her goals with hard work and dedication. Guiding Light Mentoring has shown her value of honesty, sincerity, trust, and to never give up on herself.

Ms. Mathewis; Mentor

"As a mentor, my experience has been a phenomenal one. I experience firsthand the professionalism of Ms. Owens, but more importantly, the strong impact the mentoring program has on my direct mentee, as well as others. The bond established between mentor and mentee, as well as other family members, is one of support, guidance, structure, and fun. The collaboration between Guiding Light, the parents, the mentee, and the mentor establishes objectives for the mentee as well as developing a proven process to achieve these goals. Working towards these goals together ensures that the best and most effective plan is designed and implemented for the mentee's sustainable progress.

D'Nyshia Cunningham

   D’Nyshia Cunningham is a 16-year-old 11th grader  born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She lives with her mom, two sisters and her brother.   D’Nyshia dreams of becoming a neonatal nurse. She loves to travel,  enjoys cooking and watching scary movies.   Though it may seem as if  she’s always been this positive, delightful young lady, this has not always been the case for D’Nyshia.
   D’Nyshia has been known to struggle with multiple areas of her life. From depression and grief, to anger and rebellion. She used to have no motivation to do much of anything due to lack of self confidence and she felt hopeless.
    Since D’Nyshia met her mentor (Claire)  from Guiding Light as an added support to her wellness team, she has done a complete turnaround. Now maintaining A-B average grades and constantly working on ways to become a better being for her future, D’Nyshia is a great example that with consistent motivation and mentorship, every child has a chance to truly live a happy life.

Mariauna Boyd


Mariauna Boyd is a17- year-old attending Dater High School as a 12th grader. Mariauna’s hobbies include singing, drawing and making people laugh.

When Mariauna graduates high school, she plans to attend either art school or college to study biology. 

As a Guiding Light Mentee, Mariauna has had the opportunity to experience different productions at the Aronoff Center, attend a Reds games and most importantly, interact with other mentees involved in the Guiding Light Mentoring program. 

Mariauna is a good person who helps a lot with her 4 siblings in the home.

Mariauna has severe anxiety, depression and ADHD. For some time, Mariauna had a hard time expressing herself appropriately.  When Mariauna started the Guiding Light Mentoring program, she expressed that depending on the situation, at times she is able control her emotions and other times she is not. Since being with her mentor Sue, Mariauna’s ability to express herself has improved tremendously. Mariauna now expresses her feelings more. Mariauna opens a lot more, is more respectful toward others and thinks before she reacts in situations.  Mariauna’s mother attributes her daughter’s success to her mentor.