Mrs. Cho; Mentor

I have volunteered as a mentor at Guiding Light since June of 2016. I have personally seen the effectiveness of the organization through working with my assigned mentee. I believe that youth sincerely benefit from these relationships, and Guiding Light provides the necessary resources to help these relationships grow.
Latisha Owens (Founder of Guiding Light) has a heart and passion for helping youth. She values each child and maintains her involvement in each relationship. Furthermore, she works with each mentor to provide guidance, advice, and fun activity suggestions to maximize the experience for everyone. I am confident that Guiding Light is a valuable organization to partner with.

Mrs. Hines; Parent

I recommend Guiding Light Mentoring, to any child/teen that may need someone in their life to inspire, help, and support them in their goals in life. I believe my daughter's success is at least in part due to Guiding Light's sincere support and mentorship. Her mentor believes in her, and I thank Guiding Light for being in her life to show her a better experience and how to make better choices. My daughter's mentor has inspired her to pursue her goals with hard work and dedication. Guiding Light Mentoring has shown her value of honesty, sincerity, trust, and to never give up on herself.

Ms. Mathewis; Mentor

"As a mentor, my experience has been a phenomenal one. I experience firsthand the professionalism of Ms. Owens, but more importantly, the strong impact the mentoring program has on my direct mentee, as well as others. The bond established between mentor and mentee, as well as other family members, is one of support, guidance, structure, and fun. The collaboration between Guiding Light, the parents, the mentee, and the mentor establishes objectives for the mentee as well as developing a proven process to achieve these goals. Working towards these goals together ensures that the best and most effective plan is designed and implemented for the mentee's sustainable progress.

Mrs.Williams; Principal

We are pleased about informing you that our school, Cincinnati College preparatory academy, has used the mentoring services of Guiding Light Mentoring for two years. We plan to continue our relationship with Guiding Light Mentoring Services to assist us on implementing mentoring programs for our students in the future and on a larger scale. Guiding Light Mentoring has proven to be invaluable for assuring effective mentoring services for our students by cultivating excellent relations for our students. I would like to thank Ms. Latisha Owens for a job well done. Our parents have found her services most helpful. Latisha's mentoring services is a proven approach to drive rich learning and development for both mentees and mentors. Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy has benefited greatly through a thriving, impactful mentoring program, and we look forward to a string continued relationship in the future.

Ms.Cooper; Behavioral Specialist

Latisha Owens is a business associate that I encountered while my acting role as a Behavioral Specialist was in the school setting that aided with assisting, servicing, and mentoring both students and parents. Latisha Owens personally assisted in meeting many of the needs of the students by collecting and donating school uniforms to those who were in need.During the time I have known Latisha Owens, I have found her to have a strong passion for helping families in difficult situations while going above and beyond to provide resources and services to fulfill their needs. It came as no surprise to me that she is seeking the opportunity to expand her natural desire to seek and serve others by pursuing a broader level of Guiding Light Mentoring. Latisha has proven herself to be a self-starting, dedicated person full of compassion for children. She is ethical in all encounters holding high moral standards while remaining a loyal advocate to the children she and Guiding Light mentor. She has been an active team member that presents herself and the client with honesty, respect, consideration and discretion. She has proven to be a reliable person, an excellent communicator and problem solver.


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