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Finding a mentor means finding a trusted 
friend and guide

A mentee has a willingness to take part in the mentoring program to learn, receive guidance, development and emotional support from a caring adult who will become a trusted friend and guide through the mentoring relationship. The mentee agrees to make a commitment to a mentee-mentor relationship for one year and is willing to meet with their mentor at a minimum of one hour a week.

A mentee is someone who is:

  • Eager to learn 

  • Motivated

  • Ambitious

  • Energetic

  • Patient

  • Friendly

  • Commited

Mentee Expectations

Be Teachable

Be willing to learn new things, be responsive to suggestions and constructive criticism. Learn not only from what your mentor says but from what your mentor does. Your mentor is a role model. 

Be Responsive

 Respond to requests for information and feedback from your program coordinator. Occasionally, you will receive information from the program staff. This information is important and helps the program to serve you better.


As you know, throughout the year there will be a series of events and meetings that have been planned for your information and enjoyment. Please attend all events and meetings, unless you have made arrangements not to attend with the program coordinator and/or your mentor.

Mentee Pledge

I am here because I am capable

of being whatever I choose to be  

I can let go of my fear of failing

And be the change that I want to see  

I can give my all to prepare for my future

And work toward my dreams passionately 

 I can show the world that I matter

I can because I BELIEVE in ME

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